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  Child Safe, Pet Safe, Desert Friendly Service
  • How safe is your spray?

All materials we use are EPA approved. We recommend keeping your pets away from the spray until it is dry. The material we use is safer than most household cleaning supplies. It remains active for one month after service.

  • Do I need monthly service?

You may not, if you can tolerate living with a few bugs. But most of our customers prefer a bug-free environment and find that monthly service achieves this goal. Also, because the material we apply is designed to become inert in 4-6 weeks (making it environmentally safe) on months where there is no service, there is no active protective barrier around your home.

  • Why do we cost less?

We have grown our business on referrals, not on expensive advertising. Because we do not have franchise fees, our overhead is reduced. We pass the savings on to you.

  • What if I plan to be out of town for a few months? ( like the summer )

Most of our customers realize that the worst infestation problems develop in the hot summer months. Our signature service is designed to protect your home while you're away. Secure entry is arranged individually through our office.   Many of our customers who travel regularly appreciate having an extra set of eyes watching their property. If we see anything unusual we will contact you.